We Found A Puppy Trapped In A Car In The Heat Wave

Being stuck in a car in hot summer weather is especially fatal for dogs.

As the temperature inside the car rises rapidly due to the heat wave, leaving the dog in the car in hot weather can put the dog’s life in danger.

차에 타고 있는 강아지

But in the picture, you can see a dog trapped in a car.

Jun, who lives in Japan, posted a picture of   a dog in a car on his Twitter.

차에 타고 있는 강아지

On this day, he came out with his dog in a car. But he had to get out of the car alone because of work. Because he was in a situation where he couldn’t bring his dog inside. So eventually, he left the dog in the car.

He knew that the high temperature of the car was fatal to dogs. Nevertheless, he left the dog alone in the car.

However, the dog, left alone in the car, was waiting for him, relaxed, unlike his worries.

It turned out that he had left the pet mode on before getting out of the car. As a result, the pet mode installed in the vehicle showed on the vehicle screen that the pet was safe, along with the indoor temperature.

테슬라 펫모드 화면

Pet mode is a technology that prevents the air conditioner from turning off for dogs even if a person goes out. The vehicle is a Tesla ‘Model 3’ model that supports the Pet Mode system.

Of course, this service is not intended to be used for a long time but for a short time. However, thanks to this function, the dog could wait comfortably.

강아지 소파에 앉아있다

We usually break the car door and rescue the dog outside in this situation. However, thanks to the pet mode screen, people were not worried about the dog in the car.