The Two-Faced Janus Cat Died Four Days After Birth

Unlike other cats, the two-faced “rare” Janus cat crossed the rainbow bridge four days after its birth.

According to the British Daily Mail, a Janus cat born in northern Thailand died in four days.

the kitten born on Sunday

This cat is a disabled cat with one body but two faces.

The survival rate is extremely low because most Janus cats are born with birth defects.

The cat owner said on social media that the Janus cat died. The people who heard the news were very sad.

the kitten born on Sunday

Some of the actual Janus cats have survived as long as normal cats. This Janus cat was also healthy enough to wash a bottle of milk on its own.

Unfortunately, however, he suddenly died at dawn after showing symptoms of not being able to breathe properly. So it’s very unfortunate news.


People left comments on this news as follows.
“Be happy in heaven,” “Don’t be sick and be happy there,” and “It’s heartbreaking.”