The Reason Why A Dog Waits For Its Owner In Front Of A Door With No One

This tragic story was tweeted by user Nerina Irrutia

There is Bianca, an abandoned dog that lives on the streets. Bianca met her ten years ago.

Eugenia Franco, who had been single all her life, found an abandoned dog wandering the streets without eating anything.

Unable to turn a blind eye to such a poor puppy, she decided to feed him. Their special relationship has begun. One day, she quit the pharmacy and started a stationery store. And she worked at the stationery until just before she died. Bianca went to her new stationery store when her pharmacy closed.

Bianca went to work with her at the stationery store in the morning. And Bianca spent all day with her and they went home together.

But unfortunately, she was already raising a dog. So she couldn’t take Bianca home. So she asked her acquaintances around her for Bianca’s bed.

But one day, all of a sudden… She closed her eyes with a heart attack.

Bianca didn’t know Franco was dead. So Bianca waited for her in front of her house as usual.

The story was told by a neighbor who saw Bianca, an abandoned dog waiting at the door.

It’s such a heartb   reaking story. This is something that reminds us that dogs never betray people.