The dog’s fantastic behavior towards the criminal who is confronting the police with a gun.


The police confronted a suspect who was holding a gun.

According to CBS 8 San Diego, in San Diego, California, police stopped the criminal’s vehicle and confronted him.

The Police dog was dispatched to the crime scene soon after. The police dog ran toward the criminal’s vehicle. And without hesitation, he bites the criminal’s arm and starts to overpower him. The criminal, who was confronting the police with a gun, was embarrassed by the sudden situation.

The criminal hit the dog with his umbrella to drop the police dog biting his arm.

The criminal hit the police dog so that the umbrella broke. However, the police dog bit the criminal’s arm and didn’t let it go. Thanks to the police dog’s performance, the criminal was arrested.

The criminal was holding a gun at the time. Because of this, the confrontation with the police was prolonged.

But this German shepherd did his job as a police dog.

Eventually, the criminal approached the police. And he asked the police to help him persuade the police dog. So the criminal was arrested by the police.

Fortunately, there was no significant injury to the police dog. I applaud this dog’s willingness to throw himself away at the arrest scene.