The Dog Attacked Porcupine And Got Hundreds Of Thorns Stuck In His Face

The dog attacked Porcupine and got hundreds of thorns stuck in his face.

Adriano Bertoline, who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has a dog named Thor.

Adriano Bertoline
Adriano Bertoline

One day, Thor’s face and legs were found with hundreds of thorns densely embedded.

Thor had thorns all over his face and body in the photo he released.

The problem was that butler Adrian Bertolin was unemployed, so he didn’t have the money to take Thor to an animal hospital and treat him.

Eventually, he appealed for help in treating his dog Thor through SNS. Jose Roberto Apolari, who heard the news just in time, helped.

He took Thor to an animal hospital to treat him and provided all the treatment expenses.

Fortunately, Thor finished his treatment safely.

Thor has been attacked by thorns all over his body while touching Porcupine before. At that time, he treated him with the help of a friend who worked at the hospital.


Porcupine is an animal with sharp spines on its body, like a hedgehog. The thorn is not toxic, but there is a high risk of bacterial infection if it is pricked.

I wonder why Thor attacked Roger twice.