Old Dog Felt That Death Was Approaching And Eventually Left Its Owner On Its Own.

앉아서 주인을 바라보는 강아지

Usually, people abandon dogs, but dogs don’t betray people.

But the main character of this story is the opposite.
It is a story about a dog that left its owner.

The dog, the story’s main character, is 16 years old. It’s an old dog.
One day, the dog felt that he was dying. So he left the house alone because he was afraid that the owner who lived with him all his life would be sad.

As he got older, he gradually tried to distance himself from his owner. Eventually, the dog left the house without its owner knowing.

앉아서 주인을 바라보는 강아지

Feeling strange, the owner went outside and kept calling the old dog’s name. Eventually, he found a dog, but the old dog did not approach its owner as usual.

The old dog sat down and looked at its owner as if he was saying goodbye. It seemed as if he was trying to capture the last image of his owner in his memory.

앉아서 주인을 바라보는 강아지

Sitting in his seat for a while, the old dog turned around and left.
Maybe he didn’t want to show his dying self to his owner.
The owner, who saw this, could not stop the old dog from walking. He tried to follow the running old dog, but the old dog ran away from its owner at a faster pace.

주인을 떠나는 강아지

So their 16-year-old relationship ended.