How to Play with a Cat: 7 Fun Games You Can Play With Your Feline Friend

Cats are wonderful companions, but sometimes they can get a little bored. Luckily, there are plenty of games you can play with your cat to help keep them entertained and give you quality time together. Whether your cat is shy or bold, aggressive or docile, all cats respond positively to interactive toys and games. But it’s as simple as throwing a ball of yarn or a mouse toy in front of your kitty and calling it a day; you need to be aware of what activities will stimulate your feline friend. Playing with your cat should be fun for both of you! Fortunately, there are endless ways to keep tabs on how your cat responds to different stimuli. From hiding and seeking to laser pointers and hideaways, challenge yourself (and your kitty) by trying one (or more) of these activities:

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Hide and seek

Classic and simple, hiding and seeking is a great way to get your cat’s attention. While cats are natural hunters, they may not have been exposed to certain interactive toys. Try hiding a toy in a paper bag (make sure the toy isn’t too big for the bag, like a mouse toy), under a pillow, under a couch cushion, or in a paper box. Be sure you tell your cat where you put the toy, and keep the hiding place consistent so your cat can learn to expect the toy whenever you return to that spot. Then, when your cat finds the toy, praise it profusely! Whether your cat sees the toy right away or spends a lot of time pawing around trying to get to it, this game is sure to be a win. Your cat will love the thrill of looking for the toy, and you will get to see its hunting instincts in action!

Laser pointer games

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Cats react very strongly to movement, and a laser pointer is an excellent tool for engaging your cat’s attention. Remember not to shine the pointer directly into your cat’s eyes. If your cat swats at the pointer, you can try to redirect its attention to a toy. Again, consistency is key. Choose one toy to redirect the pointer to and stick to it. You can also try attaching a paper bag to the pointer to distract your cat’s attention from the pointer itself.

Tug of war

Tug of war is not only a great way to get your cat’s attention and give it an outlet for its hunting instincts, but it’s also a great way to build up your cat’s muscles! This game is most successful with cats that are naturally more aggressive. You can try wrapping a sock around your hand or wearing gloves to protect your hand if your kitty is really digging in.


Bouncing and jumping

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Cats love to pounce and jump too! Try playing with your cat by bouncing and jumping with a toy. Cats are very quick and precise, so try to make your movements as erratic as possible, so your kitty has to keep up. If your cat doesn’t seem interested, try moving the toy a little slower.

Cat games with string

If you have a cat that loves to play but is an indoor kitty, try a game of cat games with string. This is a very simple game that you can do with just about any cat. All you need are two pieces of string: one long (about three feet long) and one short (about two to three inches long). Wrap the short piece of string around your hand and then dangle it in front of the cat. Most cats will pounce on the string, at which point you can grasp the longer piece of string and begin to reel the string in, keeping the cat’s paws at the end of the string. As soon as the cat lets go of the string, immediately reel it back out again. This game will likely only last for a few minutes, but for some cats, it could be entertaining for hours!

Interactive Games with a Ball

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Cats love to pounce, but they also love to bat around toys and balls. Try playing with your cat by tossing a ball or toy across the floor. If your cat doesn’t respond to the toy, try rolling the ball instead. If your cat doesn’t respond to the ball, try a different type of ball. Cats are picky! Cats respond best to round, small, lightweight balls. Avoid tennis or golf balls, which are too large and heavy for most cats. You can also try soft balls and those with bells inside, which are great for indoor cats, as they won’t make too much noise.

Mouthing Games

Some cats may not have been exposed to toys that are designed to be chewed on. If your cat mostly prefers to chew on you, try playing games that encourage it to chew on a toy instead. Try playing tug of war with a toy, or try wrapping a toy in a paper towel and rolling it around on the floor to make it more enticing to chew on.


Cats are natural hunters and love to play but don’t always get enough opportunities to do so. By trying out one (or more) of these games, you can help your cat stay busy, engaged, and happy. And remember: no matter what game you try, consistency is key. Your cat needs to know that when you pull out the laser pointer, you’re going to use it the same way every time.