A Stray Mother Dog Showed Her Babies To The Cafe Owner Who Was Feeding Her.

Puppies are very precious to humans. So we should be grateful for these animals. We sometimes see dogs that have lost their owners on the street. Dulci Barbosa, whom I’m going to introduce today, gave food to a dog wandering on the street.

유기된 강아지

She, who runs a cafe in Brazil, has not been able to open a store for the past few months due to COVID-19. She couldn’t open the cafe, but she kept serving meals to one customer every day. The main character was a stray dog.

The abandoned dog, named Deneres, first visited a cafe two years ago and has been visiting until now. She had already rescued and raised three abandoned dogs at home. So she couldn’t turn away from this mother dog.

침대에서 강아지를 바라보는 여자

But she couldn’t take the mother dog home and raise it. So she fed the abandoned dog every day. This was to ease the burden on her own. Deneres was grateful to her for taking care of her meal. So a strong trust was formed between the dog and her.

Then one day, something amazing happened. Deneres introduced her babies to her. Barbosa thought Deneres was pregnant. But she never expected Deneres to come to her with her baby. She couldn’t hide her joy. Because it’s an expression of how much Deneres trusts her. Seeing the puppies, she hurriedly fed them.

강아지 밥 먹는 사진


Her good deeds, which gave a warm hand, touch and resonate with many people.



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