A Nap Elephant Blocked Traffic On The Road


코끼리가 도로에 누워있다코끼리가 도로에 누워있다

In northern Thailand, the giant elephant lay still for about 20 minutes, blocking traffic.
Concerned about the elephant’s rush, Patsungsing could not say anything from afar and was just filming a video.


At the end of the video, the elephant stood up using his nose and legs.
Officials said elephants sometimes spend time on asphalt in winter to escape the cold. Of course, the winter in Thailand is not cold. The temperature difference during the year is not significant. Still, it seems to feel cold for elephants who are used to hot weather.

코끼리가 도로에서 걷고 있다

The elephant is said to be called Nga-Thong, which translates into “golden ivory” in Thai.

The driver said, “Nga-Thong is shy. He doesn’t want to show himself in public.

코끼리가 도로에서 벗어나고 있다

The driver said, “I waited about 20 minutes for him to finally get up. I was late for the appointment, but I was glad to see the elephant so close.”