4 Reasons Why Walking Is Important for Dogs


In recent years, due to our fast-paced lives and packed schedules, many of us have fallen out of the habit of regularly exercising. This is especially true when it comes to dogs. Many people nowadays don’t take their dogs on regular walks or hikes because they don’t have the time. It’s not just humans who need exercise; dogs need it too! In fact, walking your dog is one of the best things you can do for them. But with so many things to think about when you go out with your puppy, like where to walk them safely and what gear you will need, it can be a little tricky to find time in your schedule. So here are some reasons why walking your dog is essential!

Exercise and Mental Health

One of the best reasons walking is essential is because it positively impacts your dog’s mental health. It is an excellent way of letting off steam, reducing anxiety, and combating boredom. For example, if your dog suffers from anxiety, you may notice them excessively licking its paws. This sign that your dog may be anxious and over-exercising (by licking their paws) to calm down. Regular walking can help to prevent this. And having a reduced amount of anxiety can have a profound effect on your dog’s behavior; they will be less likely to engage in destructive behavior and be more relaxed and happy.

Dog walking
Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

Physical Health

Regular walking is one of the best things you can do for your dog’s physical health. Not only does it encourage them to be active, but it also gives their body a good workout. And in turn, this can positively impact your dog’s weight, joints, and muscles. It can also stop your dog from getting bored and subsequently engaging in destructive behavior, such as chewing up your belongings (e.g., furniture, shoes, etc.) to pass the time. We shouldn’t forget that dogs are pack animals. This means they feel happiest when they are part of a group. The best way to ensure your dog is feeling properly included and comfortable is to take them out regularly on walks. This will not only give them a good workout but also help them socialize with other dogs and feel a part of a group.

Helping Dogs Be Their Best

As we have seen, exercise is one of the best ways to help your dog be their best. But it’s not just physical well-being that walking is good for. It can also have a positive impact on your dog’s mental health and the way they think. Walk with your dog regularly, especially in new environments, and you will find you boost their confidence. This is because walking in new places is a great way to help your dog deal with new situations. And, if your dog encounters something unfamiliar, it will be more confident in how to respond because they have learned how to cope with these situations.

The dog is meeting the other dog.
Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash

Dog Walking is Good for the Environment

The best way to help the environment is to reduce your carbon footprint. This means walking your dog is a great way to help care for the environment. How? If you live in an urban area and walk your dog, you’re less likely to need a car. Cars are one of the biggest polluters, so walking your dog is one way to help. But it’s not just that regular walking can help reduce car use. It can also help you get more active, productive, and energetic. And, if you have a dog, you can also help the environment by regularly walking them and getting your kids involved. So, walking your dog is a great way to help the environment!

How to Make Walking with Your Dog Easier

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t regularly walk their dog, then we understand that this might all be quite overwhelming! You might think that walking their dog is much more complex than driving their car. But don’t worry; you can do a few things to make walking your dog easier. First, you need to ensure you’re taking the right gear with you. Obviously, you need to ensure your dog is wearing a leash and has a proper collar, with their name, address, and phone number (in case they run away). But you should also ensure you have a good poop bag. This is important so that you can clean up after your dog.


As we have seen, walking your dog is one of the best things you can do for them. It is an excellent way of letting off steam, getting physical exercise, and helping them be their best. Dogs, like humans, need regular exercise to stay healthy, happy, and calm. So now that you understand just how important walking your dog is make sure you don’t forget to do it. It’s easier than you might think, as long as you remember to factor it into your schedule!